Brightland Is Having a BOGO Sale on the Giftable Olive Oils That Our Editors — and Oprah! — Love

published Mar 27, 2023
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Oiled sliced zucchini on a baking sheet, adding salt
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell

It seems like in recent years, the widely loved BOGO sale has frequently been reduced to a meager “Buy One, Get One Half Off,” or even worse still, get the second item for 25 percent off. Make no mistake, we’ll take a discount wherever we can get one, but these days, when a brand offers a deal that’s truly worthwhile, we appreciate it more than ever. This is definitely the case with Brightland’s Harvest Sale, which is giving away a free bottle of olive oil with every first one purchased. You might’ve heard us praise them before — our editors are big fans of their luxurious oils and vinegars. We’re aware that they’re a bit splurgy as far as condiments and salad toppings go, but you can rest assured that each bottle is completely free of preservatives and made with locally sourced ingredients. And, no bottle from Brightland tastes quite like that of any other brand thanks to their unique ingredient formulations.

Arguably Brightland’s most straightforward olive oil, Alive is smooth and complex and will pair perfectly with everything from greens to bread to hummus. During the sale, you can snag it in a set of two for $37 instead of $74. Even if you find yourself wanting to add Alive to every meal (and we bet you will!), the set will last you a good while before it needs replacing. The rest of the olive oils included in the Harvest Sale are a bit more complex, as they’re all infused with specific herbs and spices. You’ll want to take a closer look at each to see which one seems like it’ll mesh best with your palate — or better yet, pick a few to try!

Our editors count Ardor among another one of their absolute favorites, whether it’s adorning the cabinets of their own kitchens or purchased as a gift for someone else. The olive oil is infused with red chilis, as well as other peppers, including jalapeños and chipotles. As a result, Ardor would make a great addition to pasta dishes or really anything that could use a bit of a kick. Also on sale are Aurora, a rosemary-infused oil; Rosette, a garlic-infused oil; and Arise, which a basil-infused oil. Whichever olive oil you opt for, it’s sure to make whatever you’re eating at home that much more enjoyable, so grab a set or two while these awesome deals last!