Brightland Just Launched a Mini Olive Oil Set That’s Perfect for Gifting (or Keeping for Yourself!)

published Oct 18, 2022
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Brightland Mini Holiday Artisan Series
Credit: Brightland

These days, with so many cool, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen brands out there, it’s tough to keep track of every single one. So, if you haven’t heard of Brightland, allow us to introduce you. We have a little obsession with the oil, vinegar, and pantry staple aficionados — and if you’ve tried their fruit-forward, California-sourced bottles of liquid deliciousness, then I think you’ll whole heartedly agree with our feelings for the brand. From strawberry vinegar to rosemary-infused olive oil, there’s no doubt these experts know what they’re doing when it comes to making a flavor favorite.

And while we rely heavily on our tried-and-true Brightland favorites for building flavor in the kitchen, the brand does drop a new release (usually a seasonal one) every now and again, which leaves us with an even bigger crush on these makers. Their latest gift for the EVOO-loving masses? The Mini Artist Series — a set of four mini bottles (which are perfect for gifting) that includes four of our favorite flavors. This launch is just in time for holiday shopping and would undoubtedly make a terrific gift for whoever the lucky recipient is.

Each of the four included flavors is labeled with a gorgeous design that makes displaying these scrumptious bottles even more aesthetically pleasing. Each bottle comes in at 100 milliliters, making them super cute, yet large enough to service a whole load of dinners. Just like all bottles of Brightland’s extra virgin olive oil, this set is coated with a specialized outer layer of protectant to ensure the liquid gold stays fresh and ready by keeping it safe from UV rays.

The bundle includes ARDOR, one of the brand’s most beloved blends, which is a chili-infused olive oil that utilizes a number of spicy peppers and quick-pressed olives for a punch of serious flavor. You’ll also receive a mini bottle of ROSETTE, a garlicky, put-it-on-everything blend that’s made with early-harvest olives. This bottle is jam-packed with rounded, umami-forward flavors.

Also included in the set are LUCID and ARISE. LUCID, Brightland’s zesty, lemon-infused bottle, is crafted from Frantoio olives, resulting in a fresh, bright flavor that the makes a wondrous pairing for any dish. Finally, there’s ARISE — this unique bottle immortalizes the classic pairing of EVOO and basil. Herbaceous and peppery, the blend adds that special something to whatever you choose to drizzle it on.

Basically, I can’t think of a single person in my life who would not be absolutely thrilled to get their hands on this gorgeous little set. These oils are crafted with careful processes that do the ingredients the justice they deserve and make sure whatever you’re putting down on the dinner table tastes its absolute best. Plus, they’re mini works of art in and of themselves — what more could you ask for?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go buy myself the set. I plan on carrying it around in my purse — I mean, it’s a rare occasion that I don’t need olive oil.