One of Our Favorite Olive Oil Brands Just Launched a Limited-Edition Flavor You’ll Want to Drizzle Over *Everything*

updated Mar 8, 2021
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Credit: Brightland

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Brightland’s delicious olive oils here at Kitchn. So when they kindly reached out to let us know about a new flavor they’re launching today, we were beyond ecstatic. Not just because their traceable, tasty olive oil varietals (they even made it to our Kitchn Essentials Grocery Edition) are some of the best we’ve ever tasted, but also because this new blend centers around one of our favorite ingredients: garlic.

ICYMI, earlier this month we spent a week testing the best garlic bread recipes, learning how to easily grow our own indoors, and trying out quite a few recipes that call for a shocking amount of the stuff. It’s safe to say we’re more than a little obsessed with this bulbous allium (and maybe now you are, too), so Brightland’s newest oil is one we can’t wait to add to our pantries.

This brand new flavor is called Rosette, and it’s made from hand-picked organic Frantoio olives grown on a family-owned farm in California’s Central Coast. This first batch of Rosette is made with oil pressed from the latest harvest (fall 2020), and after being lovingly blended with fresh garlic, it’s finally ready for release. As is the case with all of Brightland’s oils, Rosette is produced with top-quality olives in a way that optimizes flavor, nutrition, and sustainability.

Rosette is beautifully packaged in a bottle designed by Los Angeles artist Lilian Martinez, and it. is. gorgeous. Seriously, we already consider Brightland’s beautiful bottles to be collector’s items, and this limited-edition design is one of our favorites thanks to its pastel colors and simple drawing that brings Joan Miró to mind. So, as sad as it is to run out of good olive oil, at least this vessel could be repurposed as a pretty vase or a candle holder once it’s empty!

And Rosette is more than just a pretty bottle. In fact, our Features Director Arie got her hands on one of the bottles and was thoroughly “impressed” with the new flavor. “It’s perfectly balanced: Not overwhelmingly garlicky, but still deeply flavorful with a nice kick,” she says. “Like, you can go on a first date and have this oil and not feel like you have to run home and brush your teeth, kind of garlic taste.”

Credit: Brightland

Because Rosette is a flavored oil, it’s really best put to use as a finishing oil, rather than one you cook with. Think of it as more of a condiment that deserves a regular spot on the table to add an extra layer of flavor to any meal. You could use it to create a garlicky vinaigrette, drizzle it on grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes, serve it alone as a delicious dip for fresh bread, or take a cue from Arie and use it to make this ultimate garlic pasta recipe Kitchn published a couple of weeks ago. Cooking with it isn’t completely out of the question, though. If you’re sautéing greens or roasting root vegetables, adding a splash would be an easy way to impart a bit of garlicky flavor into the finished dish.

You can order Rosette from Brightland starting today. If you’re going for it, maybe consider buying more than one bottle — their limited-edition bottles have been known to sell out in hours, and this one, in particular, would make a great gift for a loved one who isn’t afraid of a little extra garlic.