Brightland Just Brought Back the Popular Sicilian Olive Oil That Sold Out in 8 Days — Get Yours Before It’s Too Late

published Mar 12, 2024
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dipping oil in bowl
Credit: Photo: Andrew Bui; Food Styling: Jessie YuChen

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love olives, and those who can’t stand them. Pretty much everyone, however, loves olive oil — especially really good olive oil. That’s why when we heard that Brightland, one of our favorite brands for all things olive oil and vinegar, finally restocked the Castelvetrano olive oil that was such a big hit a few years ago, we ran to our computers to click “add to cart” as fast as we could. Why the big rush? Well, chances are it’s not going to last — Brightland’s Castelvetrano olive oil sold out in just eight days when it was first released, so if you want to get your hands on the oil from everyone’s favorite snacking olive from everyone’s favorite olive oil brand, you’re gonna have to move quickly. Plus, at just $40, it’s a total steal, so make sure you pop this into your cart ASAP before it sells out.

What Is Castelvetrano Olive Oil? 

Brightland’s Castelvetrano Olive Oil is a single estate extra virgin oil packed with robust flavor from the mountains of Sicily straight to your table. It’s made from hand-harvested Castelvetrano olives (also known as Nocellara del Belice), which, if you haven’t had the pleasure to try them out, are some of the best snacking olives in the game — and a personal favorite of mine. (In fact, I didn’t even really eat olives until I tried my first Castelvetranos.) That’s why this oil serves as such a perfect finishing touch on everything from homemade bread and pasta to braised dishes, salads, and much more. Plus, the bottle itself is a work of art that’ll look incredible on your kitchen counter.

What Brightland Shoppers Are Saying 

Average Rating: 5/5

“Brighter and sharper taste than expected, but so good! Expected this to taste more mild and buttery (like Castelvetranos themselves) but was pleasantly surprised with the bright and even slightly acidic taste. It’s so good. it’s wonderful drizzled on bread with flaky salt, or in salads. I prefer the taste on cold or room temperature things instead of warm/hot food.” — Jocelyn

“This is also excellent olive oil. I prefer higher polyphenols count because the flavor is so much better. I would recommend this olive oil.” — Jennifer 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a lover of fine olive oils, head on over to Brightland’s site and add Castelvertrano to your cart ASAP before it sells out (again)!