Save Big on Our (and Oprah’s!) Favorite Olive Oils and Vinegars During Brightland’s Cyber Monday Sale

updated Nov 26, 2023
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If you’re a regular Kitchn reader, then you probably know that we’re kinda obsessed with Brightland. And by “kinda,” we mean completely, head-over-heels in love. The California-based purveyor produces some of the best-tasting olive oils and vinegars we (and Oprah!) have ever tried. The only problem? Sometimes, splurging on these fancy pantry staples can feel like an unnecessary expense. Well, not today, my friends. Brightland is hosting a massive Black Friday sale that’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on the good stuff.

Through Monday, Nov. 27, the more you spend at Brightland, the more you save. Orders of $100 or more get 20 percent off, orders of $200 or more get 25 percent off, and orders of $300 or more get 30 percent off. You don’t even need a code — the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Score!

Below, check out some of our favorite Brightland products to help get you started on the sale. And, as the holidays get underway, let us be the first to wish you a season that’s merry and bright(land).

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was $118.00

This oil and vinegar set is sure to be a real treat for the food lover in your life — even if that's you! Two extra virgin olive oils, each with their own unique flavor profile, as well as Champagne and balsamic vinegar, make sure there’s a companion to any goodies you're cooking up in the kitchen.

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This set is hands-down the best way to try Brightland, because it comes with two of their editor-favorite olive oils (both totally different in flavor) and their highly sought-after vinegars. Grab one for yourself to get a taste of what the brand is all about, or gift this to someone who loves to try new flavors and foods.

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There is a difference between honey and really good honey. Brightland's is the real deal. It's sourced directly from third- and fourth-generation beekeeping families run by women-led teams in Kauai and the Central Valley of California. And, the apiaries maintain natural pollen grains and prioritize the health of hives and honeybee populations.

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was $160.00

This collection of EVOOs is, in our opinion (and Oprah's!), the perfect assortment. Featuring special artist-designed labels, this quad of cold-pressed oils is meant to dial your next meal up a notch, with flavor-packed blends that you'll be mopping up from your plate with a spare piece of bread each and every time. They include spicy ARDOR, garlic-infused ROSETTE, lemon-infused LUDIC, and basil-infused ARISE.

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Rather go for a smaller set? Brightland has you covered with this mini version of The Artist Capsule. It includes all four of the same goodies as its larger counterpart — ARDOR, ROSETTE, LUCID, and ARISE — but in smaller bottles.

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The flavor masters at Brightland listened to their fans and debuted this rosemary-infused olive oil in September. AURORA is the classic combo is bound to grace your table with a nuanced, herbaceous flair that’s versatile enough to top any dish.

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Celebrate the season with The Festive Capsule, a special-edition set that's great for gifting to yourself or your loved ones who love to cook. Not only does it feature AWAKE and ALIVE oils, RAPTURE and PARASOL vinegars, and two types of honey, it also comes with The Spout for easy pouring and The Mini Wisk to help you make sauces, salad dressings, and more.

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The Duo is the perfect set to stock in your pantry, as it includes the bold AWAKE that's meant for roasting, grilling, or sautéing. You'll also receive ALIVE, a smoother oil that’s perfect for drizzling on salads, hummus, and bread, and even using in baked goods.

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Showing up to a dinner party with a bottle in hand is fairly expected — but what’s in the bottle can set you apart from the rest of the guests. Leave the wine and booze to the others and treat your host to some fancy pantry staples instead. Or snag The Pair for yourself and use it to cook up deliciousness for holiday potlucks. It includes two of Brightland's most versatile vinegars: RAPTURE and PARASOL.

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If you’re really looking to stock your pantry, look no further than this impressive set. It includes Brightland's fan-favorite Awake and Alive extra virgin olive oils, as well as garlic, chili, and basil blends, plus two vinegars and The Spout for easy pouring.

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Let the sun shine in! The Luminous Capsule is as bright and cheery as a day spent basking at the beach. It includes AWAKE olive oil, PARASOL Champagne vinegar, California Orange Blossom Honey, and the popular spout that attaches to Brightland bottles for easy, smooth pours.

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These fabulous tea towels are a limited-edition collaboration between Brightland and Atelier Saucier. The set comes with two towels that will make your kitchen look oh-so-sophisticated. They're made from hand-selected premium recycled fabrics, and the embroidery adds an extra-special touch.

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Meet your kitchen's new best friend! With two stylish brushed gold stainless-steel spouts, this set has rubber stoppers for a snug fit, built-in straws for spill-proof pouring, and lids to keep your oils fresh. Upgrade your pour game with this sleek and practical set for a discount.