This Quick and Easy Outdoor Upgrade Will Instantly Make Your Home Ready for Spring Entertaining

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Even if the weather where you live may not seem outdoor-activity-friendly yet — New York City, for one, is very Sad March (aka Smarch) at the moment — it will be soon. Now is the right time to start thinking about how you want your outdoor space to look, and (just as importantly), what kind of activities you want it to support. Maybe you’re a “morning coffee on the balcony” kind of person, or maybe you love having friends over for summer dinners on your patio.

However you plan to take advantage of your outdoor space, you’ll need to have

adequate lighting

QVC give your space the lighting it needs and they’re currently on sale — if you pick them up now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the guests arrive.

Each purchase includes 10 lights with stakes on the back so you can insert them into the dirt in your lawn or inside planters. You can also twist off the stakes and turn them into free-floating lights: set them on your patio table for ambient lighting or hang them to the sides of steps, wooden fences, or door frames to create well-lit pathways. As long as you keep the lights within view of the sun, their built-in solar panels will guarantee they’re always charged. All you have to do is tap the switch on the back once and they will automatically turn on in the evenings and off during the day.

Credit: QVC

Take your pick of seven colors for the metal casing — the copper adds a touch of chicness and the black and stainless steel colors blend into the background — and if you have a large space, consider getting two or three sets to have sufficient coverage. Their rust-resistant covers protect them from rain and snow — and also mean that you can leave them out all year round. And, in addition to letting you keep your outdoor get-togethers going into the night, these lights offer a small home security boost by illuminating the area around your home. You can of course install them in your front yard, too.

Once you have the right lighting setup, you can start thinking about any table, chair, and decor updates you also want to make. These easy-to-use lights are an affordable investment in your home and a smart way to get better use out of your outdoor space — just make sure to grab them while they’re still on sale!