Bright White Kitchens and Easy Portable Breakfast Foods

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What were we talking about (and cooking!) this time last year? Well, there was a crispy banana sandwich with fromage blanc, plus other winter treats like cranberry tart, pig cheek salad, light chicken Parmesan, and warm farro salad. There was a big roundup of bright white kitchens, tips for quick breakfasts on the go, and good storage canisters for flour and sugar. Oh, and the Golden Spurtle too. Read on for these and more from this time last year!

Posts pictured above are in bold below, and in order from left to right and top to bottom.

• A really great book on beans.

• Two pasta-related tips: Make stock in a pasta strainer, and use pasta water for creamier pasta.

Tagliatelle from Jamie Oliver, with spinach, mascarpone, and Parmesan.

• A dinner party in a tiny kitchen.

• The Golden Spurtle champion!

• Why isn’t there any cheese or milk from pigs?

• See the entire archive from this week a year ago.