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I Tried Mango Paletas with Tajín and They’re the Best Way to Beat the Heat

published Aug 15, 2022
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Credit: Amelia Rampe
Mango Paletas with Tajin

I’m not sure what rock I had been living under, but consider me one of Bricia Lopez Maytorena’s newest and biggest fans. She is the author of Oaxaca: Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico and has amassed an Instagram following of over 33,000 followers. She’s also a mom, like me, cooking up fun projects in the kitchen with her kids. Her food is tasty and she just seems like she’d be a fun friend to have in the kitchen. (Hey girl, call me for a lunch date!)

About a month ago, someone shared Bricia’s Instagram reel for homemade paletas (fruit Popsicles). She wrote, “Here’s the thing about paletas … you can make them as wild, or as mild as you want. There isn’t a ‘perfect’ way. The only thing I encourage you to do, is to make them fun. Grab any ripe fruit you have, sugar, water, and a splash of lime.” My family loves paletas, and we buy them often — but until now, we had never made them. I couldn’t wait to try Bricia’s recipe.

How I Made Bricia Lopez Maytorena’s Paletas

Bricia says to make the simple syrup in the blender, which is a great tip! The heat from the blender will dissolve the sugar crystals so there’s no need to dirty an extra saucepan. 

Once the sugar is dissolved, she calls for adding a pound of ripe fruit to the blender. She used watermelon and strawberries, but I went with mango. (It takes about seven peeled and deseeded mangoes to get one pound.) I roughly chopped the fruit and added it to the blender. Then I added lime juice (she uses lemon juice in her video) along with a splash of water and a pinch of salt, as instructed. I pureed the mango in the blender until the mixture was smooth. 

Credit: Amelia Rampe
Satisfied customer

Bricia encourages you to add mint or basil “if you’re feeling wild” which is also a great tip! I was feeling a little wild, but we chose to add Tajín, a chili-lime spice blend, to the bottom of the popsicle molds intead. This was both a great and a not-so great idea. It was great because we love Tajin and love it on mango. However, the salt in the mix ended up melting the ice a little. If you plan on adding Tajín, wait until serving to dip the paleta into the spice blend.

Bricia made it seem easy-breezy to prepare paletas and she was right. You can make this anytime with your favorite ripe fruit. All you need is about 15 minutes, a blender, and a Popsicle mold. It’s a great way to beat the heat and have a treat.