Brian’s Bungalow Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many people shy away from purchasing older homes that need a lot of work; but for those brave enough the results are always so rewarding. Brian transformed this once Catholic Church owned boarding house into a beautiful home — kitchen included! A subway tiled bungalow kitchen — I’m sold!

The kitchen was in complete shambles when Brian purchased the once boarding house and he mentions the remodel was his biggest indulgence, and certainly for a good reason! There’s never a reason to skimp in the kitchen and Brian knows that.

The white subway tile, stainless steel appliances, white trim and built in nooks is quintessential modern bungalow. The glass window cabinets are a perfect touch because they pay homage to traditional bungalow aesthetic all the while opening up the space!

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(Images: Katy Nida)