Brewing Beer at Home: Tasting the Homebrew Beer Sessions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The day has finally arrived! Our homemade beer has been brewed, fermented, and bottled. We’ve survived two weeks of anxious anticipation without a single bottle exploding. A few days ago, we put a couple of bottles in the fridge to cool and tasted our very first homebrew a few hours later!

The verdict: decent, definitely decent! It’s very sweet and malty and with almost no discernible hops. Fairly one-dimensional, but this is about what we’d expected from a kit brew. We liked the level of carbonation and even got a thin, but definite, head on the beer.

It’s definitely not the best beer we’ve ever tasted, but it’s good enough to drink and good enough to make us excited to brew some more!

An interesting side note: we gave in to our eagerness and actually tasted one of the beers a few days before we technically should have. We figured it would just be less carbonated than if we’d let it sit longer, but would still taste the same. But it was awful. Not spit-it-out awful, but awful enough that we eyed the other 50 bottles with a little fear in our hearts.

Two days later, some friends visited and insisted on trying the beer despite our protests. They took a few sips and pronounced it good! We tried some ourselves in disbelief, and lo and behold, the beer had actually improved in those two extra days. Instead of tasting like beer-y soda, it actually taste like real beer.

The moral of the story is that you can’t rush beer or judge it too quickly, and we’ve learned our lesson. Onward we go!

What kind of beer should we try brewing next?