The Small-Space-Friendly “Tiffany Box of Toaster Ovens” Our Editors Love Is on Major Sale Right Now

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Credit: Casey Barber

Any toaster oven worth its salt should be able to do a little bit more than you might expect. Reheating pizza and crisping up bacon are both a given, but if your toaster oven can roast salmon filets, bake cakes, and char Brussels sprouts as well as a traditional oven, then you know you’ve made a wise investment in your countertop appliances. And, for our editors, there is one toaster oven that stands out as truly special.

The Mini Smart Oven from Breville is one of the hardest working toaster ovens you’ll find. It achieves a balance of simplicity and power with its intuitive controls and quick-heating coils. It landed a spot on our editors’ coveted list of best toaster ovens, and right now you can pick it up at Williams Sonoma on major sale — 20 percent off, to be precise — along with plenty of other awesome toaster ovens. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to upgrade to a smarter toaster oven, this is it.

To start, you’ll find all the features you want in a toaster oven. This one preheats quickly, is capable of roasting sheet-pan dinners, and has easy-to-use controls for adjusting how light or dark you want your toast. It maxes out at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough for most recipes, and if you want your pizza or nachos to get even crispier, you can move the rack closer to the top and broil them. It also comes with a 10-inch-wide sheet tray, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new tray just to fit this machine.

Credit: Williams Sonoma

The reason our contributor Sharon Franke called this device “the Tiffany box of toaster ovens,” is because of its smart heating technology. It has sensors that detect exactly how hot it is in different areas, and if you’re cooking a couple chicken thighs with the drums attached, the oven will adjust its heating coils to make sure the thicker parts of the food cook at the same speed as the thin parts. That prevents meat from becoming dry and lets you worry less about accidentally overcooking something.

Sharon likes this model so much that she often uses it instead of her regular oven. “This is the one I have in my New York City apartment and use it every time I cook, for everything from roast asparagus to baked ziti,” she wrote. “I can’t remember the last time I broiled anything in the full-size broiler.”

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Our senior contributing food editor Sheela Prakash — who called it “the best toaster oven I’ve ever used” — also prefers making weeknight dinners in her Breville. “Our regular oven takes forever to preheat so it’s such a huge time-saver when we want to just bake two pieces of fish or roast a small amount of vegetables,” Sheela said. “Plus, the toast setting gets it right every single time.” A toaster oven that never fails? Sounds like a winner.

Buy: Breville Mini Smart Oven, $127.95 (normally $159.95)