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These Protein-Packed Egg “Muffins” Are the Best Way to Start the Day

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If you want to eat breakfast but need something quick, it often feels like the only options are different varieties of simple carbs. But these baked egg “muffins” are satisfying and full of protein. Best of all, they’re as easy to grab on the go as a muffin, slice of toast, or bowl of cold cereal. If you make a batch over the weekend, you’ll have tasty breakfasts every day, and you won’t wind up hungry and looking for office bagels or vending machine granola bars by 10:30. 

Start with cooked breakfast sausage, chopped into little pieces. Distribute the pieces in a greased, nonstick muffin tin, then add a bit of shredded cheese and some sliced olives to each muffin cup as well. (You can also use those frilly paper muffin tin liners.)

Beat together eggs, milk, and salt and pepper. Pour that mixture into the muffin tin as well. Each muffin cup should be about half full. Then add a bit more cheese, sausage, and olives to the top of each one. 

Bake the “muffins” until they’re fluffy and the eggs are set. It should take about 20 to 25 minutes. The author suggests topping them with cilantro, salsa, and sliced avocado.

These baked eggs look like muffins, and they’re just as easy to eat. They’re basically a quick way to have a handheld, make-ahead mini-omelette whenever you want one. And once you try the recipe, you can play with the ingredients as much as you like. Maybe this would work with feta cheese and spinach, or crumbled bacon and pepper Jack cheese. The possibilities are endless.

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