15 Easy Weekend Brunch Ideas

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

As much as I love big holiday meals where family and friends congregate together around one long table, what I really love most of all is a good weekend brunch. In my house, brunch is a casual affair as people trickle downstairs in pajamas with hair askew, rubbing sleep from their eyes, drawn into the kitchen by rich aromas of baked eggs and the irresistible scent of cinnamon rolls. It’s also a relaxed meal for the cook, with plenty of options for make-ahead dishes like casseroles with bacon, eggs, and potatoes, and sweet cinnamon rolls.

Sweet, Indulgent Brunch Recipes

Let’s start with the sweet stuff! Cream cheese breakfast bars, French toast casseroles, buttery coffee cake and more. Most of these can be prepared the night before (and are even better when they are!), then baked off in the morning. Preferably with a side of oven-cooked bacon.

Breakfast Burrito Egg Casserole(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Eggy, Savory Breakfast Casseroles

But if you want something savory, loaded egg casseroles are always a good idea. There’s something for meat-eaters and veggie-lovers alike. And if you really want a head start, get out your slow cooker.

How To Make the Easiest Cinnamon Rolls(Image credit: Christine Han)

Cinnamon Rolls, Buns, and More

Casseroles are great, but sweet, sticky morning buns and iced rolls are the real MVP’s of brunch. They can be prepped in advance, then popped in the oven first thing in the morning as you make the coffee and cut up some fruit.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls: Watch the Video