The Last Thing You Should Do with the Plastic Tag from Your Bag of Burger Buns

updated Jun 4, 2021
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Someone pulling plastic tab from hamburger buns
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Let me tell you about the family joke started by a burger order that my brother-in-law will never live down. 

My sister, brother-in-law, and I were driving in California from San Francisco to Irvine and we stopped for dinner at In-N-Out, as we always do when driving down I-5. Because he was driving, my brother-in-law ordered our food at the drive-thru and asked, “Can you please toast my buns?” That extra S had us rolling! My sister and I cackled and spluttered and knee-slapped and gasped for air as he repeatedly asked, “What? What? WHAT’S SO FUNNY?” Now, whenever we make burgers we ask, “Who wants toasted buns?” No doubt, we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that inside burger joke.

Anyway! Moving on. Whether you like your buns toasted or not (who doesn’t, though?), I’m guessing you’ll be buying your fair share of them this summer. Which brings me to those little plastic clips. As you know, bun bags come with a little plastic tag to keep the bag closed tight and your (hot dog and burger) buns fresh. What you might not know, though, is that those tags are actually useful!

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Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use a Bread Tag to Clean Between Your Stove and Countertop

Save your bread tags for one annoying cleaning task: scraping that nasty gunk from between your stove and countertop. 

No matter how clean you are, crumbs will inevitably collect in those tight spots. Normally, I grab a credit card to run back and forth through the area to clean. But the stuff that comes out is pretty dirty and doesn’t really belong all over something that gives me purchasing power.

Using bread tags when you have them is the perfect solution. It’s an in-your-hand reminder to do a task that needs regular attention. And when the tag is caked with sticky, crumbly gunk, you can finally just toss it. Then, you have a new excuse to plan another burger night again soon … so you can get another tag!

What other ways have you used a bread tag? Tell us in the comments below!