This Indian-Style Bread Omelet Technique Has Us Completely Mesmerized

updated Sep 18, 2019
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Credit: Moving Moment/ Shutterstock

There is more than one way to crack an egg, according to the old saying, and there’s a nearly infinite number of ways to cook that egg — and the good posters of Reddit are always happy to show us ones we might not have seen before. Today, that technique is an Indian-style bread omelet, deftly cooked in a single pan. 

The video, posted on the “Be Amazed” forum on Reddit from Helo (an Indian social media app) shows the one-pan dish as it comes together in 30 seconds. It starts with a few lumps of butter quickly melted to foaming, then the scrambled eggs with scallions or green chiles are dropped into what is clearly a very hot pan, bubbling on contact as the pan is swirled.

Then two pieces of white bread are each lightly dipped into the egg on one side, then dropped in on the other side. The cook slips the spatula under the whole circle of eggs and both pieces of toast in one fell swoop and quickly flips the whole situation over. After letting the eggs puff up for a second, they fold over the edges onto the toast, then fold one piece of toast onto the other, like some sort of magic breakfast origami. The cook then gives it a little heat on each side before pulling it off and cutting it into quarters. 

The bread omelet, a common street food in India, just goes to show that the simplest ingredients can easily be transformed if you’re willing to look around for ideas. But some of the best parts aren’t even shown on screen: the dish usually also comes with ginger garlic paste in the eggs, and is served with a mint chutney on top. 

If you, like anyone else who saw this today, want to give it a try for breakfast tomorrow, the internet has your back, with plenty of results for bread omelet recipes — though, like so many viral videos, we suspect there’s more to the technique than the video shows.