The Brilliant Way You Should Be Using a Bread Box in Every Room of the House

published May 31, 2024
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Sometimes, the greatest organizing solutions aren’t actually organizers at all — or, at least, aren’t designed for that specific space or use. Think: shoe racks for kitchen organization, eyeglass cases for cords, or mesh laundry bags for small items in the dishwasher. And thanks to brilliant DIY influencer Gianna Nicolette Caputo, here’s another to add to the list: using a bread box to store medicine and supplements.

Caputo’s “genius” out-of-the-box hack is so simple, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before! Of course, bread boxes generally live on kitchen counters or in pantries, but they’re such a sleek way to store things you don’t want to be seen. Thanks to the gorgeous wooden roll-top door, it’s easy to make storage more discreet than ever or create less visual clutter in your space.

While Caputo fills hers with supplements and medications, you can use a bread box to store anything you want — from spices and seasonings to miscellaneous gadgets and trinkets. It instantly creates a secret storage spot for any collection you’d rather tuck away.

With that being said, this clever trick can work in any room of the house. It’s a perfect solution for storing toiletries in a guest bathroom, jewelry in a bedroom, or a collection of electronic cables in the family room. You can even use it when you have company to store valuables or other things you’d like to keep out of sight.  

If you already have a bread box you love, perfect! This is another smart way to put it to good use in your home. And if not, it’s a great excuse to get a gorgeous new storage find that you can use for so much more than just baked goods. 

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