The $40 Find That’s Made Doing Dishes So Much Less of a Chore

published Oct 16, 2023
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A small sink filled with dishes

I feel it is safe to say that washing dishes is nobody’s favorite chore. (After all, not everyone has a dishwasher!) But, as loathsome as it may be, it still is a necessary part of daily life. While it can be a pain, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t the worst — unless you’re dealing with heavily soiled dishes or pans covered in caked-on food. As a lover of a good baked dish, this is an issue I come across constantly, which means I spend a lot of time giving my casserole pan and other baking dishes a good soak. This, however, means relinquishing the space in my sink for a soak, forgoing any other use for at least a couple of hours. I had been resigned to calling this the name of the game and didn’t think there was an easier way to give my dishes the soak they needed, when I came across a handy dishwashing tool that changed the way I clean dishes for good. Say hello to the Brabantia Wash Up Dish Tub.

What Is the Brabantia Wash Up Dish Tub?

Designed to make tackling dishes an easier chore, the Brabantia Wash Up Dish Tub makes washing, soaking, and drying dishes a breeze. Ideal for square and rectangular-shaped sinks, this deep dish bowl is roomy enough to give even your biggest baking pans the soak they need. The best part? This lightweight find features a removable drying tray top that can either be used atop the bowl or placed on your countertop for an instant (and storable) drying rack! Its rounded design also makes tilting and pouring out water easy and splash-free.

Credit: Amazon

Why I Love the Brabantia Wash Up Dish Tub

When I say this wash up tub truly changed my kitchen for the better, I don’t say that lightly. Before, when I wanted to soak dishes, I had to fill up my incredibly large sink, wasting tons of water in the process and cutting myself off from access to the sink, a pet-peeve I never knew I had. (Who knew you could find new pet peeves at 28?) With this bowl, however, I’m able to soak dishes big and small either in my sink or, at many times, right on my countertop, freeing up the sink while my dishes still get the care they need. And, because of the included drying rack, I know I’ll also have an instant drying rack that I can just as quickly store away once I’m done using it.

Credit: Amazon

Perhaps my favorite way to use this bowl is actually not dish-related — this find is the perfect way to clean fruits and veggies! Each time I get home from the grocery store with a new stack of produce, I immediately pull out this tub, fill it with water and baking soda, and give all my fruits and veggies a good wash at once. I no longer have to fuss with sieves and colanders to get my veggies clean (and dry!) making it a multi-use find, too!

Want to add the Brabantia Wash Up Dish Tub to your kitchen arsenal? You can get your hands on your very own dish tub for $40.50 in your choice of light or dark gray. So, whether it’s to make soaking your dishes easier or to give your product the deep clean they need, I think you’ll find this tub to become a multi-functional kitchen essential you’ll be telling all of your friends and family about. Lord knows I am!