This $9 Product Solved One of My Biggest Pet-Related Problems

published Jun 14, 2021
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Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you the same thing: when it comes to owning a pet, the pros outweigh the cons. From the constant companionship to the scientifically backed health benefits (studies have shown pets can help decrease blood pressure, manage depression, and improve socialization skills), being a pet owner is pretty great. And it doesn’t hurt that pets are pretty cute to look at, too. However, if there’s one gripe you’re likely to hear about, it’s pet hair. As someone who has had a pet for almost their entire life, I can back this — even pets that “don’t shed” shed enough for it to become a nuisance. As a pet lover with a consistent rotation of black-colored clothes in my wardrobe, I’ve had finding a solution to this problem on my bucket list for years — and with Bounce’s Pet Hair Dryer Sheets, that dream is closer to becoming a reality.

Designed to repel pet hair from your clothes before it even sticks, these dryer sheets are basically a magnet for pet hair. Coming in at double the size of your average dryer sheet, they feature three times the hair and lint-fighting ingredients as regular dryer sheets, helping to prevent hair from finding a home on your fabric. At the same time, they also perform the expected work of a dryer sheet to reduce wrinkles, minimize static, and add softness to your clothes as they dry. Perhaps the best part is that these sheets are unscented, making them a dream for anyone with fragrance sensitivities (Note: they do come in a scented version for those who welcome it).

When I first found these, I was really excited (like I said — long-time pet owner, long-time pet hair sufferer). To really test them out, I used them on three separate occasions after some rigorous playtime with my pup. Each time, my clothes came out less furry than the time before. Now, I wouldn’t promise that these sheets are going to prevent every single piece of pet hair from sticking to your clothes. However, they will drastically reduce it; I’d say I personally saw a 90 percent reduction in the amount of fur on my clothes. One thing I’d like to note is that the change is more gradual than instant. Each time I was seeing more and more of a difference in the way hair was sticking to my clothes, so I would suggest giving the product a couple of tries to really see the benefits.

Curious about testing them out for yourself? For just $9, you can get your hands on a 120-pack of Bounce’s Pet Hair Dryer Sheets. For me, these dryer sheets have become an indispensable part of my family’s laundry routine; especially since we added a new family member (a fluffy, long-haired cat named Yoda) to the mix. Here’s to a lot more pet snuggles and a lot less lint-rolling.

Buy now: Bounce’s Pet Hair Dryer Sheets, $8.94 (normally $12.99)

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