Bottlenotes, the Netflix-for-Wine Club

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last night we went to throw back some wine in honor of the launch of Bottlenotes.

They were pouring 25 of their 150 or so wines currently in stock (soon to jump to close to 500). Our wine correspondent, thought there was a healthy variety offered, which probably speaks to the ability of Bottlenotes to cater, as they say they will, to anyone’s personal tastes.

Of course we went home and promptly joined one of the clubs (the Explorers Club). Taking the on-line “personal taste profile” questionnaire was a hoot: not only do they ask questions about your taste in wine, they ask how you take your coffee, if you salt your food, etc. Gives one a feeling their special little vino-algorithim is actually real, although for a couple that likes different wines and takes their coffee differently, we were presented with a few bumps along the way.

Readers of The Kitchen who sign up for any of the Bottlenotes wine clubs between now and April 1st will receive 10% off their first shipment (use code LAUNCH).

Clubs start at $39.95/month, so if you’re willing to spring for two $20 bottles now and then, there’s non reason not to try it, especially since the selection and quality seems high. This is not the kind of wine-club where you feel you’re getting seconds. As they say, “it’s like Netflix for wine”… this is definitely no Overstock.