I Tried That Super-Easy Bottled Frappuccino Hack and It Truly Is a Game-Changer

updated Jul 13, 2020
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Starbucks Frappuccino
Credit: Ashley Abramson

I’m the type of person who drinks iced coffee year-round. Even in the middle of a brutal Minnesota winter, I sip on a cold brew or an iced latte. There’s just something so deeply refreshing about iced coffee drinks! And when summer comes, my cold coffee consumption doesn’t change, but for some reason I want all my beverages in slushy form (what can I say, I’m a kid at heart).

In order to make all my slushy dreams come true, I have a couple of options. Option one: I could get in the car and spend $6 on a Frappuccino. This is nice every once in awhile, but it’s not always budget-friendly. Option two: I could attempt to concoct an iced coffee “shake” in my not-so-great blender with ingredients I already have in my home: cold brew, creamer, and ice. (I tried this a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t seem to get the ice/coffee proportions right, so I settled for a watery mess. At least I got some caffeine out of it!)

And then there is option three, which is the most reasonable: Follow the advice of this brilliant TikTokker and toss a bottled Frappuccino in the freezer for a few minutes, and enjoy a refreshing coffee treat that apparently tastes exactly like the real thing. And reader, it did. 

I Tried That Popular Bottled Frappuccino Hack

Here’s how I made it happen. I bought a bottled mocha Frappuccino (you can get them at most grocery stores; I got mine in my Shipt order from Target). Then, I put the unopened bottle in the freezer with the intention of indulging in an afternoon treat. Unfortunately, I forgot about it, and it was frozen solid the next morning. So I thawed it on the counter and tried it again, this time with a timer set for 30 minutes. 

After the timer went off, I pulled the bottle from the freezer, opened it, and marveled at my hard work. The consistency was spot-on; just the right amount of “slush,” without being so thick you have to use a spoon. As I drank I had to stir a few times with my straw to maintain the consistency, but that’s true of any icy drink. 

My verdict: I’ll definitely freeze a bottled Frappuccino again. It’s tasty, there’s no blender to wash, it’s way simpler (and a tad cheaper) than going to an actual coffee shop. Next time, though, I’ll probably add whipped cream.

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