The Innovative Gadget That Dries Water Bottles Faster Than a Dishrack

published Aug 11, 2023
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Woman filling up a reusable water bottle at the sink
Credit: Jessica Peterson/Getty Images

If it seems like everyone you know is walking around with a reusable water bottle these days, you’re not seeing things. Reportedly more than $2 billion in reusable water bottles were sold in the United States in 2022, up from around $1.5 billion in 2020 — to say there’s been a boom would be an understatement. In fact, here at The Kitchn, we’re fans of these eco-friendly water bottles, too (you can read a review of my beloved Owala bottle here).

As these pieces have become a mainstay in our everyday lives, they require special attention when it comes to keeping them clean because water bottles can be germ factories. According to a 2022 study, on average reusable water bottles had 40,000 times more (!) bacteria than a toilet seat. While there are a lot of factors that can contribute to this, one of the biggest culprits is the most obvious: water. After washing your bottles, it’s important to make sure they properly dry as stagnant water is a well-known hotbed for bacteria growth. One of the smartest solutions we’ve come across? The Kuppy Bottle Buddy Drying Rack.

Made of premium, dishwasher-safe silicone, the Kuppy Bottle Buddy Drying Rack is an ingenious solution for those looking to keep their water bottles dry and germ-free. Using this drying rack is easy: simply prop it up on your counter, wash your bottle, and place it on the rack to air dry. Because of its open slots, these racks ensure good circulation which makes it easier than ever to get your bottles completely dry in record time (the brand claims water bottles dry up to five times faster than on a traditional dish rack).

While designed with water bottles in mind, be aware that this drying rack is no one trick pony. Thanks to its thoughtful cone-shaped design with both a small and large opening, it can fit a multitude of different drinkware pieces, from everyday water glasses to delicate wine glasses. Best of all, it’s also an incredible solution for small spaces as it takes up virtually no counter space and is stackable for easy storage.

You can get your hands on a pair of the Kuppy Bottle Buddy Drying Racks right now for just $24 at Uncommon Goods. If you’re ready to say goodbye to germy drinkware for good, give these drying racks a shot. After reading the results of that study, you can bet I’m taking my water bottle cleanliness a lot more seriously. Now where’d I put my wallet. . .

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