Boston-Area Food Events for April: Swan Boat Dining and Ghosts of Culinary Legend

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Good things are afoot in Boston this month–and we’re not just talking about opening day at Fenway! Take a look at what’s happening around town this month. Speaking of opening day, did you know…

Keller Caters Fenway: Thomas Keller Caters Home Opener at Fenway Park
Tuesday April 8, 2:05pm

Renowned chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry has promised a look at true essence of Cracker Jacks and a re-take on the Fenway frank that will make us re-think our childhood favorite. Yeah, tickets to the game are sold out…But maybe if we hover around the gates, we’ll catch an whiff of Chef Keller’s special magic.

More below…

Conference: Gastronomy of the Impossible at MIT
Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6, tickets are $50
What happens when genius chemistry and engineering students love food? A conference like you’ve never seen before. Ferran Adria’s got nothing on these kids.

Gourmet Swan Boats Lunches
Saturday, April 19 through Saturday, April 26, 10am – 4pm, tickets and lunches are $25 for adults and $20 for children
As a special treat for the first week of Swan Boating, we can purchase a gourmet brown-bag lunch to nibble while we paddle. Choices include crusty hand-made baguette with Iberico ham or seared eggplant focaccia with truffle slivers. (Duck confit would be in poor taste, we suppose.) For an extra $15, you can tote along a demi-bottle of champagne, partially submerged in the water to keep chilled.

Last but not least…
Seance with Julia Child
Cambridge School for Spectral Education
Sunday, April 26 at midnight, recommended donation is $15 and space is limited to twenty
While a bit on the quirky side, we think this seance could be a fun way to connect with our inner-Julia Child! Especially if the evening prefaced with a round of absinthe (or two) at a place like the Alchemist or Gaslight!

Does all this sound too good (or wacky) to be true? Well…APRIL FOOL’S! Hope you enjoyed imagining the culinary events of our dreams as much as we did. (And stay tuned for a REAL round up of Boston events later today.)

Dates with Jamie Oliver, self-peeling citrus, in-sink composters…

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