Book Journral: A Blazing Hot Good Day

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So it was a little hot in the kitchen… kitchens are supposed to be hot. I decided to just surrender to my surroundings and bake in my bikini. It was quite a site. But being relaxed is sometimes the only way to have successs in the kitchen.

Managed to get three recipes tested, all were successes. From left to right, a Chocolate Walnut Tart, a Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakelet, and a slice of the Lotus in Mud Cake. My only snafoo, and it was a funny one, was an attempt to make some white chocolate flowers to garnish the mud cake. It was so hot that the curls kept breaking apart, falling onto the cake, and then wilting. So no, that is not a shredded jack cheese decoration; it’s simply a weather-related set-back.

Today I’m going for another three. The air feels cooler; may the weather have snapped like a chilled piece of fine bittersweet chocolate.

Recipes Tested: 47, total
Average Per Day: 3