Book Journal: Drunken Grape Tart

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
I have one thing, and one thing only, to show you. And I’m not going to show you a slice, because then you’d really catch on to what a doozie of a day I had yesterday.

This tart, this Drunken Grape Tart, is beautiful, sure. It even tastes great. And I’d never made anything like it before, so I felt pretty darn good about myself as I worked on the recipe and then executed it. This is not, however, how it went with the Banana Rum Tart, which looks like a car ran over it even though all I did was bake it. That’s a definitely re-do. And today’s third recipe? There isn’t any. Between the blog and the book, I worked until ten and then collapsed.

Back to the Drunken Tart. If I showed you a slice, you might think I was drunk when I made it, because I used red wine in the custard, which produced an absolutely heinous brown color, a bit like chocolate pudding, but not. So the recipe was quickly altered to specify white wine.


Recipes Tested: 47
Average Per Day: 3 and getting dangerously close to 2