Book Journal: A Pause to Write

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After umpteen days of baking straight, I am taking the next few days to actually work on the narrative portion of my book. You know, actually write something?

Today I head up to Yonkers to spend a final day at the Greyston Foundation and the Greyston Bakery to hopefully get some great quotable tidbits, and some beauty shots of the amazing people that both work there, and utilize their services.

I leave behind me, in the freezer and in the bellies of loved ones around me, the six desserts I developed and tested in the last two days, plus many more from earlier in the week. Pictured above is a Molten Chocolate Cakelet, a (Key) Lime Tart, a Burnt Almond Torte, Walnut Date Bars, a Bermudian Rum Cake, and a Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Tart.

My teeth are rotting just typing those words. Looking forward to a break from the cooking…

Desserts Made: 6
Average Per Day: 3