Book Journal: Baking in Humidity

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Any baker knows this, but when it happens to you, it’s the most frustrating thing: humidity, which is what I had in my kitchen between the 80° F temps and the inches of rain that fell. Tart crusts didn’t seem to want to firm up, and although I can’t find any scientific reason for it, I would swear my egg whites weren’t stiffening properly.

A cake made with mint extract tastes great but looks bad, a tart with pine nuts needs to be tested again with fewer egg whites and with the nuts toasted for a nuttier flavor, but the final recipe, a yogurt cake with grapefruit (above), looks and tastes beautiful. Generally, it was a tough, sticky day in the test kitchen, but onward I slog. Another three recipes await me today, and the anticipated humidity is 66% – not bad.

Recipes Made: 3
Average Per Day: 2-3