This $30 Mop Kit Has My Floors Cleaner Than Ever — And Will Save Me Money In the Long Run

updated Oct 22, 2020
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In the span of a month, I have gone from someone who occasionally cleaned her apartment maybe once every weekend to someone who now has a mop, rag, or vacuum perpetually attached to either arm. What can I say! Cleaning gives me a sense of calm and control during these chaotic times. The only drawback? Going through supplies at a breakneck speed, particularly Swiffer pads, now that my floors are seeing more foot action than ever before! With my newfound passion for cleaning refusing to fizzle out, I decided I needed a more cost-effective option.

My search ultimately led me to the Bona Multi Surface Floor Care Kit, which costs $30 and includes everything I need to keep my floors clean and shiny: an easy-to-assemble mop, microfiber cleaning pad, two full-size spray bottles (one for hardwood and one for stone, laminate, and tile surfaces), and two concentrate refills.

I’ve been using the kit every day for three weeks, and the biggest pro is that I no longer need to swap out the cleaning pad for a new one after tackling just 10 to 15 feet of floor space (sorry, Swiffer!). Instead, I just peel off the microfiber pad, give it a shake in the trash to clean it, and reattach it to the velcro tabs on the mop head before returning to my ritual. The mop’s long handle and sleek swivel head effortlessly reach far-flung spots, tricky corners, and often-ignored dust bunny-infested spots under my couch and bed. Plus, the pad is machine washable for up to 300 washes, so once it gets really (really!) grimy, I throw it in a hot cycle, followed by a quick spin in the dryer, and it’s good as new. No more buying refills!

Another major plus? Bona’s non-toxic formula, which is gentle enough to spray in the air (perfect if you have allergies or asthma, like me!) but tough enough for tricky messes. I previously used an old toothbrush and a soapy formula to tackle crusty food stains in the crevices of my kitchen floor, but now I give it a hit of the spray and scrub it down with the mop. Unlike most water-based solutions, the spray doesn’t leave streaks or sticky residue and dries within seconds, a major plus if you live with someone who doesn’t get the concept of not walking on wet floors.

While my Swiffer has been collecting dust at the back of the hallway closet, my Bona mop and spray is pulled out post-dinner every day to restore a sense of calm only clean floors can add to a home. Plus, I can now totally see why the kit has been a longtime favorite of several Kitchn editors. Besides being economical, easy to use, and good for the environment, it’s the only mop I have ever used that makes cleaning floors actually joyful!