Bodum Is Having a Huge Sale That Coffee Lovers Can’t Afford to Miss

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Credit: Cat Meschia

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Bodum — the Danish purveyor of top-quality coffee makers and accessories — has kicked off a massive sale that’s perfect for anyone looking to set up a barista-quality coffee bar at home for less. So whether you want to upgrade your battered coffee maker (their best-selling one is half-off) or add some bells and whistles to your morning coffee routine with clever accessories, you can snag it all for up to 50 percent off. But much like your caffeine buzz, this sale won’t last forever, so check out some of the best finds below, and make sure to browse the rest of their deals.

Credit: Bodum

1. ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

You’ll look like you’re making coffee in the future with Bodum’s best-selling ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker. But it’s not as complicated as it looks: Simply add water to the base, which will boil upwards into the glass bowl on top. That’s when you add your coffee grounds, which will filter back to the bottom kettle. The whole process takes only four minutes, but the vacuum seal allows for all the oils from the coffee to be extracted, leading to a richer, more robust brew.

Buy: ePEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker, $100 (normally $200)

Credit: Bodum

2. Bistro Electric Milk Frother 

Make cappuccinos, lattes and even hot chocolate with this compact and easy-to-use milk frother. With just the push of a button, the frother will whip up any kind of milk and stop automatically when it’s done. Best of all, cleanup’s a breeze, thanks to the nonstick coating on the stainless steel interior.

Buy: Bistro Electric Milk Frother, $42 (normally $60)

Credit: Bodum

3. Bistro Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

Ideal for the pour-over method of making coffee, Bodum’s Bistro Kettle heats up to 34 ounces of water quickly and efficiently, while the gooseneck spout gives better control over the speed and volume of your pour. Simply turn the device on to begin boiling water from the base, and soon you’ll be ready to make pour-over coffee — as well as tea, instant oatmeal or anything else that requires boiling water.

Buy: Bistro Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle, $40 (normally $50)

Credit: Bodum

4. Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

The easiest way to elevate your coffee routine is to grind your own beans. Your coffee will taste fresher and bolder — and you won’t even have to change anything else about your go-to coffee maker. Bodum’s compact grinder makes it so easy to grind your own beans: There’s push-button control and a see-through lid so you can continuously grind them with the stainless-steel blade or pulse-grind them until they reach your desired coarseness.

Buy: Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder, $19 (normally $25)

Credit: Bodum

5. Travel Press

Make fresh coffee on-the-go with this travel mug that’s actually a French press in disguise. Simply add your grounds, hot water and any milk or sweetener you prefer — and then after four minutes, push down the plunger and drink directly from the mug. While it’s technically a travel mug, the small size makes it a great portable French press for overnight trips or even camping.

Buy: Travel Press, $21 ($30)

Credit: Bodum

6. Electric Burr Grinder

A significant upgrade for serious coffee lovers, Burr grinders offer a more consistent grind, crushing the beans between two conical stainless-steel burrs instead of slicing them. Bodum’s Burr Grinder comes with three programmed grind settings (Fine, Medium and Coarse), but if medium-coarse is your thing, you can choose any setting in between and the machine will automatically adjust.

Buy: Electric Burr Grinder, $75 (normally $100)

Credit: Bodum

7. Bistro Double Wall espresso Mugs

Cap off your meal with a caffé corretto, or just enjoy the occasional espresso, in this set of proper espresso mugs. The double-walled, mouth-blown borosilicate glass is attractive and functional, creating an insulating layer that’ll keep your espresso — and not your hands — piping hot. 

Buy: Bistro Double Wall Espresso Mugs, $17 (normally $25)

Credit: Bodum

8. Double Wall Electric water kettle with Temperature Control

You’re not cheating on coffee if you enjoy the occasional tea. And whether you’re preparing an elaborate cup of matcha or just in the mood for English breakfast, you’ll need hot water. Bodum’s electric kettle offers a fully adjustable temperature control dial, so you can heat up water for green tea and then bring it to a full boil for black tea afterward.  

Buy: Double Wall Electric Water Kettle with Temperature Control, $68 (normally $85)