This Ultra-Sleek Gooseneck Electric Kettle Makes My Morning Coffee Routine So Much Easier (It’s on Sale!)

published Jan 31, 2023
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Credit: Leela Cyd

Before I really got into coffee and tea, I never saw the point of having an electric kettle. I figured, if I needed boiling water, I’d just pop a pot on the stove and heat some up. Eventually, though, I ditched my old-school Mr. Coffee machine and started using a pour over, French press, Chemex, and other coffee- and tea-brewing equipment that practically begged me to get one. So, I sprung for a cheap, $22 model that I found gathering dust on the bottom shelf of my local grocery store. And, I’ve gotta say, it worked really well! While it didn’t have the same frills as higher-end models, it was definitely an upgrade from precariously pouring boiling water into a small opening (from height) with a regular ol’ saucepan. And, though it still runs fine to this day, it doesn’t have a very accurate spout, which makes pour-over coffee a bit of a pain. So, after four years, I retired my Proctor Silex and made the jump to what’s quickly become an integral part of my morning coffee routine: the Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

Now, Bodum is a favorite brand of mine for affordable yet high-quality coffee and tea gear. However, this is a close contender for my favorite product from them — especially when paired with their pour-over glass orb. The ergonomic handle of the kettle is super comfortable and provides a nice grip, and both it and the lid knob are made of natural and 100%-renewable European cork. It comes with a short but functional power cord that plugs into a sturdy base, which the kettle rests on while it heats. It boils water just as fast as my previous kettle, and with an 800-milliliter capacity, it’s got just enough room to make two large cups at a time. There’s also an indicator light and an automatic shut-off feature so it doesn’t boil dry. The gooseneck spout is great for controlling the flow of water when making tea, pour-over coffee, and even rehydrating dried mushrooms. 

Credit: Ian Burke

The thing I like most about my kettle is the improved control when making coffee — blooming the ground beans has never been easier, and it’s also a breeze to make concentric circles over and over when making pour-over coffee in the morning. I also dig its sleek look; its easy-to-use, one-switch functionality; the grippy cork handles; and the fact that it detaches from the base, which make it easy to bring from the counter to the table for serving. And, with a 4.7-star average from over 10,000 ratings on Amazon, it’s obvious that I’m not the only one digging this countertop workhorse. “The kettle is perfectly balanced in the hand, not too heavy when filled to maximum level, and you could hit the head of a pin with the pour if you needed to,” one reviewer writes. “This is a delightful machine to use.” 

So, if you’re in the market for your first electric kettle, an upgrade from an older model, or just another awesome tool to add to your coffee command center — wait, doesn’t everyone have one of those? — there’s no better way to go than the Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle. Oh, and did I mention it’s on sale right now for 27 percent off? Happy caffeinating!