Bobby Flay’s Trick for Grilling Onions Is Actually Pretty Brilliant

updated Aug 8, 2019
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Credit: From left to right: Denis Contreras / Stringer / Getty Images; mwhaskin / Shutterstock

If you’re not grilling onions, you’re missing out on one of summer’s greatest condiments. Grilled onions taste delicious on top of burgers and chicken sandwiches but it can be hard to get them perfectly warm and charred on the grill. They always seem to either thin out and fall apart on the grill (leaving a mess, of course) or get too burnt to enjoy them.

That’s where chef Bobby Flay comes to the rescue — the renowned chef has a killer grilled onions tip that’s super easy to do at home.

What’s the magic trick? Basically, it all comes down to the outer skin of the onion. Flay recommends keeping the skin on the onion when putting it on the grill and cooking it, even after you’ve cut into it to make the rings. In the below video, you can see Flay’s tip in action.

Here’s what to do. You’ll want to slice the onion with the skin on, use a bit of olive oil to coat each side of the onion, and then toss it on the grill to start cooking. Flay says keeping the skin on the onion helps the onion stay together on the grill.

Once the onion rings are cooked through to your liking and have developed that yummy, charred texture you’re looking for, then you can take them off the grill and toss those outer skin parts in the trash (you don’t want to eat those). And the best part? They will stay intact so you can transfer them to your plate with ease.