Bob Ross Cereal Is the Key to a Relaxing Breakfast

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: FYE)

Whether you were an aspiring painter or just looking for a simple way to unwind, Bob Ross and his iconic burst of curly hair captured the hearts of Americans everywhere in the ’80s and ’90s. The premise of his PBS show The Joy of Painting was to help people bring out their creative side: You could grab your watercolors and paint along with him as he created soothing natural scenes.

But his show really skyrocketed back to popularity when millennials rediscovered Bob Ross. They realized that his gentle voice, kind words of wisdom and encouragement, and the almost magical way in which his paintings came together (remember his tutorial on how to paint a tree?) offered an escape from the stresses of daily life. It is perhaps due to that sudden interest in his eighties-era programming that the retailer FYE recently launched Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A box of cereal emblazoned with a picture of Ross painting a mountain landscape. The cereal is not just for decoration; it’s totally edible and available for purchase. As Food & Wine points out, it’s also similar to Lucky Charms because the cereal pieces are accompanied by marshmallow bits in shapes like “happy little trees,” stars, and mountains.

In keeping with Ross’s values, the back of the box is printed with a “positivity paint palette.” Each color of the palette contains a motivational quote from Ross himself. For instance, yellow reads, “Every painting is going to be different, and that’s what makes it great.” You can even cut the palette out, and hang it near your desk to remind yourself to stay calm and keep going, even when you have a “happy little accident” (remember, there are no mistakes!).

The whole box is peppered with slogans that Ross popularized, including “Isn’t that fantastic? I knew you could do it,” and “Anything we don’t like, we’ll turn into a happy little tree.” Talk about starting your morning off with a healthy dose of cheerful energy.

The cereal is still in stock on the FYE website, and it’s on sale for $9.99. As the cereal box reads, “Just eat, relax, and watch it happen,” — in this case a productive, stress-free day.