Bluebird Goods: Vintage & Cottage Kitchenwares

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Alana Waters-Piper spent 18 years working in interactive design until a layoff forced her to re-think her career path. When faced with what to do next, she found inspiration in an unlikely place — her grandma’s Galveston kitchen.

“She measured ingredients by pinches & handfuls, and used well-worn iron skillets,” Alana says. “At one point, when my aunts and father were kids, she kept chickens and ducks and used to tell a story about my Aunt Rae leading a parade of them around the yard. Her backyard smelled of pecan shells, magnolia blossoms, and honeysuckle.”

From that vision of a humble Texas kitchen, she built Bluebird Goods, a webshop specializing in reproduction home goods inspired by the depression era. The shop features a mix of jadeite crockery, pressed glassware, kitschy tablecloths, and woven picnic baskets.

Alana lives and works in Brookfield, Illinois. Maybe it’s her background in interactive design, but she’s definitely been able to master social media marketing — since her launch in 2010, she’s gained over 14,000 Facebook likes.