15 Gorgeous Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That’ll Never Go Out of Style

published Mar 17, 2024
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Kitchen with blue cabinets and doors
Credit: Design: Browne House Interior Design; Photo: Molly Culver Photography

Once you leave neutral territory, the first color people (including myself!) are willing to incorporate in their homes is usually blue, according to designers. “It’s such an easy entry because it can almost be used as a neutral, but depending on the hue, it can also be used as a wonderful accent,” says Rachel Little, owner and principal designer at Browne House Interior Design in Austin, Texas. 

Most iterations create a sense of calm, although some are purely statement-making. In the middle of that Venn diagram are the shades that accomplish both at the same time. Because of the color’s versatility, Little recommends blue cabinets to those who “want a kitchen color that both lives up to the trends and defies them.”

Even outside of hues, the possibilities are endless — there’s a large spectrum for making the color work in the kitchen, and it all comes down to tolerances and preferences. “On one end, blue can be maximized by applying it to all millwork,” Little explains. “On the other end, blue could be applied to upper or lower cabinets only, or maybe just the kitchen island.” There are so many other exciting variables to consider and implement on that spectrum like materials, finishes, application ratios, and more. Whether you’re fully on board or not yet convinced, these 15 chic blue kitchen cabinet ideas are sure to inspire.

The 15 Best Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 

Credit: Eric Ressler

Accompanying these blue kitchen cabinets are stainless steel appliances, white countertops, subway tiles, and silver hardware. Somehow, even with all these cool tones, the kitchen still feels cozy, thanks to the perfect medium hue.

Blue kitchen cabinets are just the beginning when it comes to diluting the amount of neutrals in your space. Tile offers another large-scale opportunity to get creative, as seen here in pink and green, and so does a coordinating wallpaper that ties it all together.

Credit: Will Crooks

Why stop at the cabinets? Take your blue hue to the walls — and ceilings, and trim! — too. This jewel-box effect takes daring to the next level. If you want to go even further, paint the millwork in the adjoining room as well for continuity. 

Credit: Viv Yapp

Any wallpaper backsplash is bold — even more bold is color matching your cabinetry with it. In this kitchen, the playful paper manages to take on a background role when paired with so much teal.

Credit: Devyn LaCamera

A small kitchen with dark countertops is practically begging for some contrast, which is exactly what the homeowner gave it with these airy blue cabinets. Combined with gold fixtures, it takes on a feminine aesthetic.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Just as timeless as white or wood, navy is the ideal blue for someone who wants their cabinets to stand the test of time — and stand out. Here, they pop beautifully against the light gray island and white quartz and shiplap.

Credit: Laura Mattox

Your blue kitchen cabinets should shine — literally. A glossy finish makes an even bigger statement than a matte one does, helping reflect light and adding extra dimension to the space.

Credit: Design: Browne House Interior Design; Photo: Molly Culver Photography

Is there such a thing as too much blue? I don’t think so, but you may beg to differ. Consider breaking up the cabinetry with a wood island that puts the grain on full display for striking contrast.

Gray, blue, or a little bit of both? This soothing shade is perfect if you’re looking for something just a little bit outside the usual options. Basically, your resale value will remain intact while adding some personality.

Credit: Kevin O'Gara

Not prepared to fully commit to blue kitchen cabinets yet? Take a cue from this space, which saturates the bottom cabinetry in a nautical navy, and then creates a border out of the same color for the uppers.

Credit: Leela Cyd

Having a fun texture on your blue cabinets — like the shiny metal of the retro 1960s aqua cabinets in this updated kitchen — gives even more for the eye to play with. The combination of two-toned cabinets, and an unlikely material, makes these beauties pop. 

Orange and blue are complementary colors, which actually means they’re directly across from each other on the color wheel. This makes them the perfect pair; they both shine equally, especially at such a large scale.

Black or nickel fixtures are expected, but copper? Not so much. It makes so much sense, though. It’s pretty much the metallic equivalent of orange, which we’ve since learned is a complementary color to blue. If switching out your hardware sounds like a bit much to you, Little suggests you “hang copper pots and antique baking molds that you find on scavenger trips to your local thrift shop, estate sales, or on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.”

Brown and blue is a classic color palette that in this kitchen is utilized in a fresh, modern way. The steely cabinets act as the base of the design, while the brown and cream tiles in two geometric patterns bring unique personality. More brown is incorporated through the wood floating shelves, woven stools, and other small accessories.

Credit: Erin Derby

One of the most foolproof ways to warm up cool-toned blue is with a wood accent, which in this case is the island countertop. It’s made out of a mahogany lookalike called sapele, but butcher block will get the job done on the cheap.