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These Delicious Sausages Make it So Easy for Me to Cook Salmon at Home

published May 31, 2022
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salmon roasting on a sheet pan
Credit: Brittany Conerly

I grew up eating fish pretty regularly for dinner. My dad was a fisherman, so we often ate cod, trout, bluefish, and more throughout the year, whether it was fresh or caught and frozen. As an adult, however, I only eat seafood occasionally because it can be pricey and tricky to cook just right. I also don’t have many places near my apartment that sell quality fish, so I usually wait to buy until I can go to a market or somewhere like Whole Foods. And while there are delivery services like the mail-order salmon box we tried and loved, I share a tiny freezer with two roommates so I don’t have enough space for storing pounds of seafood! However, all of my fish-buying woes were finally solved once I tried out the Blue Circle Foods Salmon Sausage for the first time.

Blue Circle Foods is a seafood delivery company with products that are 100-percent traceable and are made using sustainable practices. Their fish is free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs and sourced directly from clean and healthy environments in places like Alaska and the Arctic. What really shocked me about this super high-quality salmon is that these sausages are under $10 a pack!

Even though I grew up eating a ton of fish, I’ll admit that I am not the best cook when it comes to baking cod or pan-searing salmon. So, what initially drew me to these salmon sausages was the ease of making them. You can cook them on your stove top, in the oven, or on the grill, enjoyed as kebabs, in a hot dog bun, or simply on their own. If you’re like me, you tend to overcook and dry out your salmon to avoid an undercooked meal. With these sausages, however, they come fully cooked so all you’re doing is warming them up and getting a gorgeous char on the outside. 

What makes these salmon sausages even more exciting is that they’re made of 96-percent premium Norwegian salmon (actually raised on a generations-old family farm!), with the rest of the ingredients consisting of herbs and spices. They also come in a plant-based casing that gives the same amazing snap you’ll find in pork-based sausage.

Of course, the best part of these Blue Circle Foods sausages is that they’re delicious. Biting into the Original Salmon Sausage, I tasted the high-quality salmon and flavors like garlic, onion, and parsley. They also pair surprisingly well with any of your favorite hot dog toppings, making them an easy barbecue staple this summer. For instance, I enjoyed it with Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce (which you need if you haven’t tried before!). While they browned up perfectly on the stove, I’m eager to get them on a grill ASAP.

What’s more is that Blue Circle Foods has a variety of other flavors in addition to the original. These include Lemon Dill Salmon Sausage, Italian Salmon Sausage, and Apple Thyme Salmon Sausage, each made with delicious flavors to upgrade your dinner even further. Finally, there’s a Salmon Sausage Grill Kit which includes all four flavors, plus other goodies that would be perfect for a huge cookout this summer. It’s also a genius grilling gift for Father’s Day!

If you’re like me and always stock up on the chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s for easy weeknight dinners, then you need to check out these salmon sausages. It’s essentially a fool-proof way to cook salmon — and cheaper than buying filets at the grocery store. I highly recommend stashing a couple packs in your freezer to take out when you need something easy and filling for dinner.