The $13 Amazon Find That Keeps Produce from Bruising and Helps It Last Longer

published Aug 12, 2022
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A person standing in front of an open refrigerator inside a kitchen
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

I love a good grocery store run. And the farmers’ market? Forget about it — in my neighborhood, I’m at every one. But the heartbreak that comes with filling my fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables only to come back days later to find them soft, soiled, mushy, or (cringe) liquifying has been more than I can take and has even caused me to go home empty handed a few times lately. Until my grandma introduced me to the Blueapple FreshMats, reminding me that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Amazon packaging.

These produce mats have totally changed the way I shop for, prepare, and (most importantly) enjoy my produce. Simply put, they’re pillows for your fruit and veg. Designed to be easily cut to the size of your refrigerator’s produce drawers, these spongy liners add a layer of ventilated cushion underneath your produce. Not only does this prevent ripe cucumbers, peaches, peppers, what have you, from collapsing under their own weight over time, but the 360-degree airflow these mats provide prevents them from getting too soft too fast.

Most fruits and vegetables release gas as they ripen and ferment. By absorbing these gases, which are one of the main culprits behind fruit gone bad, these FreshMats extend the life of your precious produce. And since they’re made from a firm-but-flexible synthetic sponge material, they’re easy to rinse off and reuse as needed. Oh, and did I mention that they come in 11 different colors — hi, color-coding potential! Bottom line: If you enjoy fruits and veggies, these refrigerator produce drawer liners are a kitchen necessity. Thanks, Grandma!

Buy: Bluapple FreshMats, $12.99