Blu Skillet Ironware: Blue Steel Skillets Handmade in Seattle

updated May 2, 2019
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In March of last year Patrick Maher, an artist and blacksmith, and Caryn Badgett, a painter and avid cook, started Blu Skillet Ironware, a gorgeous line of blue steel pans hand-forged in their Seattle studio. Similar to cast iron, blue steel pans are lighter, less porous, and quicker to season. What gives them that inky blue hue, you ask? Here’s what we learned:

When the pans undergo a special heat treatment, they form a protective layer of blue iron oxide over the polished steel which, according to Blu Skillet’s website, acts as a “natural rust deterrent, and combined with organic virgin coconut oil, provides an excellent preseasoned surface – making the pans nonstick and ready to use.” They won’t stay blue forever (iron pans are reactive) but instead will darken and take on a patina the longer they’re used.

Blu Skillet currently sells fry pans ($75+), French skillets ($135+), Gratin pans ($90+), as well as a few kitchen accessories including iron trivets, pot racks, steel blackboards, even a salt board set — all beautiful and meant to last a lifetime.

Visit the online store → Blu Skillet Ironware