Bloomscape’s Sold Out Herb Collection Is Back in Stock and Perfect for All Your Spring Cooking

updated Apr 16, 2020
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Credit: Kristin Prough

Growing your own herbs indoors is not only satisfying but also convenient, especially when a dish you’re preparing needs a burst of fresh flavor or you suddenly get hit with a Mojito craving. Detroit-based online plant delivery service Bloomscape totally gets it, which is why they recently released a new Edible Garden collection featuring high-quality herbs that arrive pre-potted and partially grown — basically setting your green thumb up for success! The collection launched last week and sold out within hours, but the good news is that it’s back in stock, so you might want to make some room on your window sill.

The highlight of the new line is the Indoor Herbs Collection, which costs $65 for a themed trio of small plants in terra cotta pots: the Aromatic Herbs collection (sage, thyme, and rosemary) is great for when you’re prepping meat and poultry dishes; Savory Herbs (basil, parsley, and oregano) is a must-have for creating sauces and seasonings; and Spicy Herbs (cilantro, chives, and oregano) is ideal for exploring international cuisines.

Besides the small trios, the Edible Garden collection also includes larger mint, thyme, rosemary, tomato, and pepper plants that can be purchased individually. Each comes in a sleek, stylish pot in a range of color options, including stone, charcoal, clay, and indigo. Keep in mind that while the toxin-free plants are relatively easy to grow, they do require ample sunlight. So as long as you have a sunny spot in your home or a small grow light, your indoor garden will flourish.

While Bloomscape’s plants are slightly pricier than what you would find at your grocery store or local farmers market, the hassle-free convenience of enjoying a full-grown indoor herb garden that’s ready to go right out of the box and doubles up as stylish decor seems worth the investment. Plus, they make a great gift for Mother’s Day or for someone you love and haven’t seen in a while.

Check out Bloomscape‘s Edible Garden line and new Mother’s Day shop and let us know what you think.