Bloomscape’s New Carnivorous Plants Collection Is Here to End the Summertime Menace of Mosquitoes

updated May 28, 2020
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Credit: Bloomscape

Is it just me, or do you also find yourself on the losing end of a battle with swarms of mosquitoes, insects, and pesky bugs every summer? Like bad roommates, they make their way into our homes and refuse to leave, despite the numerous traps we set for them. But we found a simple solution that just might end the bug battle once and for all. As part of their Father’s Day collection, Bloomscape just launched a brand-new collection of carnivorous plants that’ll keep your home naturally insect free. And when they’re not luring blood-sucking critters into their deadly traps, these rather chic looking plants also double up as decor!

The Carnivorous Collection costs $65 for a trio of small, unique plants — a Venus Flytrap, and two varieties of Trumpet Pitcher Plants — that use their leaves to trap vexing prey. The planters, which come in terracotta, alabaster, and basalt colors, can be placed together on a windowsill for triple the protection or dispersed around the home to keep all areas critter free.

Besides the trio, you can also opt for a medium-sized Nepenthes Pitcher Plant that has little, droopy, trumpet-shaped pitchers growing out from the tip of the leaves. And while these may look fun, they mean serious business! The pitchers naturally draw flies and gnats into their deathly hollows, trapping and eventually gobbling them up. Sure beats spraying toxin or sticky bug repellents throughout the house.

Credit: Bloomscape

While all four plants are relatively easy to care for, they do enjoy humid, boggy environments with bright, indirect sunlight. So as long as your home gets adequate light for even a few hours a day, your insect-eaters will thrive! In addition to the insect-eating plants, Bloomscape’s new launch also includes the eye-catching Rex Begonia Collection, vibrant Shadow King Begonia Collection, and a new ficus variant called the Ficus Altissima. Keep in mind that none of these plants are pet friendly, so if you have a furry friend at home, the large and luscious Cat Palm might be a good pick for you.

Like all of Bloomscape’s plants, these are partially grown and ready to go right out of the box. Whether you’re looking to keep your home insect free or bring in a fresh dose of green to liven up the space, Bloomscape’s new Carnivorous Collection is totally worth adding to your radar. Plus, they make a great gift for Father’s Day or the favorite mosquito-magnet in your life!

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