Bloomscape Just Launched New Tools That’ll Make You a Much Better Plant Parent

updated Jul 14, 2020
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Credit: Emma Fiala

You might be convinced that you’re not blessed with a green thumb, and therefore fall short of being the ideal plant parent. But maybe all you’re really lacking are the right tools. While planting tools are more often associated with outdoor gardening, having a few well-chosen products in your arsenal for your indoor plants can make a world of difference. That’s why Bloomscape, one of our favorite places to buy indoor plants online, just launched five new tools in their Care Shop — and all of them promise to keep your plant babies thriving.

Credit: Bloomscape

1. Houseplant Pruner

This stainless steel pruner is strong enough to trim large stems and tough branches, making it a great tool for your larger plants. Regular pruning is an essential part of keeping your plants healthy, and this heavy-duty pruner is perfect for ensuring that your fiddle leaf fig looks full and happy.

Buy: Houseplant Pruner, $25

Credit: Bloomscape

2. Hand Trowel

Does repotting seem like an intimidating process? Make it easier with this nifty hand trowel. While it’s not necessarily a plant parent essential, a good hand trowel makes moving soil much easier (and less messy). Also check out the Soil Scoop, which has a high back and sides for even more efficient scooping.

Buy: Hand Trowel, $30

Credit: Bloomscape

3. Pruning Scissors

If you have smaller plants, skip the heavy-duty pruners and go for these pruning scissors instead. Featuring a long handle and sharp blades, these scissors are made to access those hard-to-reach stems, and are ideal for trimming flowers, herbs, and smaller houseplants like pothos and philodendron.

Buy: Pruning Scissors, $25

Credit: Bloomscape

4. Soil Knife

Another great tool for repotting, this soil knife has a double-edged serrated blade that makes loosening and cutting roots much easier. It’s a smart companion for the hand trowel, and when used together, you’ll have your plants repotted in no time.

Buy: Soil Knife, $30

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