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Bloody Mary Bruschetta Is the Perfect Snack for a Crowd

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Last week I had friends over for the type of small gathering that requires plenty of good snacks, but not a full meal. A good bruschetta is a perfect thing to put out when people are coming over. It’s simple and tasty, and substantial enough that if people start getting hungry, they can just eat more. Put a tray out with other sweet and savory snacks, and everyonr will be very impressed with your cooking and your elegant, very grown-up spread. 

Horseradish, celery, and olives give this bruschetta a flavor profile like a good bloody Mary. There’s no vodka (sorry), but that just makes it a better pairing for whatever beverage you decide to serve. Also, it’s a convenient vegetarian option that does not feel like an afterthought. 

This recipe starts with an unusual trick for bruschetta. Mix sliced cherry tomatoes with a bit of horseradish, tamari, and salt. Mix in some grated or very finely minced garlic, too. Toss all those ingredients together and let them sit for 30 minutes. You want the tomatoes to release their juices and marinate in all the flavors for a bit.

Take all the juices at the bottom of the bowl and simmer them until they’ve thickened up. The author says you should start with about a third of a cup of liquid, and you want about two tablespoons when it’s done. 

Toast sliced ciabatta bread in the oven, then cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the cut side over the toasted bread. The rough surface will snag bits of the garlic and add a great flavor. Brush all the toast with the reduced tomato juices, then spoon the tomatoes on top of the bread too. 

Combine sliced onion, parsley, celery, and a bit of olive oil in a bowl to make a light salad. You can also add olives, pepperoncini, Parmesan, and whatever garnishes you like. Scoop a bit of that salad on top of each slice of bruschetta, and you have the perfect snack or appetizer for any gathering. You could even make real bloody Marys and serve these for a spectacular weekend brunch. 

Get the recipe: Bloody Mary Bruschetta from The First Mess

Credit: Joe Lingeman

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