Blogging Woman’s Day: The $100 Kitchen

The secret is out — way out. The idea that you don’t need to invest in knife and cookware sets, that you can buy no-name tools at restaurant supply stores and have a fully functional kitchen without spending a fortune has been blogged and written about a lot.

But, here we are again with another take on a kitchen-on-the-cheap, this one from Woman’s Day…

We appreciate the categories Woman’s Day has in their slideshow. There’s a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife — definitely the essentials. And we agree on the pots and pans: a stock pot, a medium sauce pan, and a fry pan.

The set of basic, glass nesting bowls could serve a lot of purposes, and a y-shaped peeler is good, too. But with the exception of a sheet pan that could be used for roasting things, this set doesn’t scratch the surface for a baker. It also falls short on quality, in our opinion — not surprising, since the idea is to stay under $100. We’re not sure an $11.99 chef’s knife would do the trick as a kitchen workhorse. And we prefer a wood cutting board to the less expensive plastic they recommend.

But for beginner home cooks who think they have to clean out the shelves at Williams-Sonoma, this and other articles like it at least get people thinking along the right lines. And it’s sort of a fun exercise to think along the lines of a dollar amount and what you could buy within strict limitations.

Take a look and let us know what you think. What would you spend $100 on? How much ground could you cover with that amount of money?

(Images: Woman’s Day)