Blogging The Wall St. Journal: Bellota Ham and Thoughts on Imported Meat

That’s a long title for a short post, but we had a lot of thoughts reading an article in last weekend’s Wall St. Journal. The article was about the prized bellota ham, or jamón ibérico de bellota, finally becoming available in the U.S. (we’ve written about it before). Good news! But then it got us thinking about imported food…

There are some delicacies that are imported from far away countries that we get excited about. We write about them, we discuss them with you, we order them for special occasions. But we sometimes separate these items from our overall effort to eat locally and not have our food travel thousands of miles to reach us.

If you receive Sara Kate’s weekly email, you read about her beautiful birthday meal of charcuterie on the beach. It inspired us to have a similar spread in Central Park last week, and when we went to Whole Foods to pick up some meat, we chose domestic cuts instead of imported ones. And they were good — although we’ll admit we aren’t fine-tuned cured meat experts.

So, this is our question: If you do love food and try to eat locally, do you read about things like bellota ham and think it’s too good to pass up? Or too far for food to travel?

And we’ve written about La Quercia, an artisan producer of prosciutto and other meats in Iowa. But what other domestic cured meats have you found that you love? Fill us in.

Read the WSJ article on bellota ham:
High on the Hog

(Images: Per Kristiansen for The Wall Street Journal; Formaggio Kitchen)