Blogging The New York Times Magazine: Doughnuts!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Delectable photo of churros aside, we have two words for you about this article from the Sunday Magazine: Powdered. Doughnuts. (okay, three words) Yum.

We have to say, doughnuts are one of those foods that, at some point in our culinary history, got highjacked by professionals. Who makes doughnuts at home? Not us. And our love of powdered doughnuts is, we admit, linked to a nostalgic obsession with the bags of store-bought, golf ball-sized ones that were consumed en masse at slumber parties.

But this article gently encourages us to fry them up at home. After all, they are really nothing more than a simple batter left to float in hot oil for a few minutes. Many of us have a fear of frying, but if we’re willing to take the plunge every now and then, doughnuts are probably easier and less intimidating than chicken parts. Just a thought.

The article also has some nice history on the humble doughnut, plus three recipes: churros, powdered cake doughnuts, and fancy Earl Grey doughnuts (oh, we love the baking with Earl Grey around here).

Read the article and get the recipes here:

Image: Stephen Lewis for The New York Times