Blogging the Denver Post: The Ultimate Colorado BLT

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the nonstop news coverage switching today from the Olympics in Beijing to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, we thought we’d see what was cooking in The Denver Post. This big, juicy photo called out to us. Loudly.

It’s a Colorado BLT, built with local ingredients grown in the state. The mayonnaise is made with eggs from a local family farm. The bread is even made with flour milled at the organic Rocky Mountain Milling, which processes much of the flour that ends up at Whole Foods. The point, according to the writer, is that this classic sandwich not just taste like summer, but “summer in Colorado.”

It’s really just a visually enticing way of highlighting some local farms, but it’s also a good reminder that, with a simple sandwich like the BLT, the quality and flavor of those few ingredients really matters. So, here’s to the Hudson Valley BLT, the Northern California BLT, and all those sandwiched in between.

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(Image: Cyrus McCrimmon for The Denver Post)


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