Blogging New York Magazine: Butter Taste Test

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We didn’t realize there was a “season” for butter, but an article in New York Magazine alerted us otherwise. It makes sense that as cows start eating more grass, the flavor of the butter their milk eventually produces tastes better, and we’re entering the peak months.

The article covers eight brands made in New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. A few we’ve bought before, and a few were new to us. The more butter, the better, we say…

We’re always tempted by those gilded blocks of French butter, so it’s nice to see some fancy local options in the article, “Like Butter.” We’ve bought Kate’s Homemade Butter before (it’s the cheapest in the bunch and New York’s pick) and enjoyed it. Unlike some of the others mentioned, it comes in sticks — easy for baking.

But we’re really curious about the Eli’s “Secret” Dutchess County Salted Cultured Butter. It’s $18.99 a pound! We might have to eat it plain or showcase it as an appetizer with some baby radishes at that price.

There’s also a Blue Hill Farmer Butter from chef Dan Barber that will supposedly be available later this year. It’s pictured (above, middle) in an old-fashioned, hinged jar. And Vermont Butter & Cheese butter, available at Murray’s Cheese, is coated in sea salt.

We’ve been discussing beginner sourdough and baking bread as part of the Cure. What better time to indulge in a really good butter? It’s even better if the bread is warm, so read our tips for microwaving bread.

Non-New Yorkers, what local butters do you buy?