Blogging Domino: Eating Locally

Blogging Domino: Eating Locally

We weren't crazy about Domino's March issue, devoted to green living. And according to some comments on our home sites, many of you weren't either.

But we did enjoy reading Cynthia Kling's column on eating locally for two weeks, if only because she brazenly calls out Barbara Kingsolver (author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) in the introduction for being "cheaty."

Kling claims she can one-up Kingsolver, whose family added nonlocal items into their diet, by sticking to a two-week menu of food grown only in upstate New York, where she lives. Game on.

What we appreciated about the article is that Kling openly wrestles with common frustrations of eating locally. It can be expensive. It's tough to get everything at a farmers' market. It's time consuming, especially if your local resources are farther afield than the grocery store. Kling gets a hair too romantic about the whole idea at one point (her lactose-intolerant husband can drink Ronnybrook milk! It's a locavore miracle!), but she does give some good tips on shopping at farmer's markets. It's true that the earlier you arrive, the better your selection. And we should all be talking to the vendors, asking questions and learning about our food. That's something we definitely don't do often enough.
She also made an interesting point that eating locally is, essentially, elitist, but so are many practices or items that eventually trickle down to the masses. It's our job to advocate them and make them widespread.
In the end, Kling scales back to shopping at the farmers' market on the weekend and doing the best she can on the fly during the busy week — a realistic outcome, we think.

On another Domino food note, the article on eating raw offered some tasty, healthy eating recipes. The Blueprint Pudding, made from bananas, avocado, and dates and spread on manna bread along with almond butter, looked delicious. Has anyone tried it? You can get the recipe here.

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