Blogging Cook’s Illustrated: Sauces for Whole Wheat Pasta

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s an interesting concept from the test kitchens of Cook’s Illustrated: not every sauce works with whole wheat pasta. They claim that tomato, pesto, and cream-based pasta sauces clash with the hearty nutty flavor of whole wheat pasta, but the same flavor can shine with the right ingredients. Do you agree?

We’re of two minds with this. One the one hand, we really like the idea of highlighting the whole wheat pasta and treating it as more than just a substitute for white pasta. Serving it with the right ingredients might be a way of convincing skeptics that whole wheat pasta is worth trying. Their recipes for whole wheat pasta tossed with aromatic olive oil and fresh veggies do sound fantastic!

On the other hand, most people do treat whole wheat pasta as a substitute for white pasta and use it in all sorts of traditional dishes. The flavor combination is different, to be sure, but not as off-putting as Cook’s Illustrated seems to be implying. We resist the idea that only one particular sauce can be used with whole wheat pasta.

What do you think? What are your favorite sauces for whole wheat pasta?

(Image: Flickr member The Bitten Word licensed under Creative Commons)