Blogging Chow: The Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

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We’ve given you a lot of tips on what kind of gardening you can do in a small space, from how to make an herb garden in one pot to planting a windowbox. But for urban gardeners with zero outdoor space and very little light, it’s still hard to plan even the humblest of herb gardens. Which is why, even with all the information we’ve gathered at the Kitchn, we still loved this helpful, practical article from Chow.

The folks at Chow interviewed gardening experts specifically about indoor city herb gardens—those tiny plots of hope that those of us in apartments would love to see flourish and so often don’t. They start with something we’d never really thought through: Which herbs are actually most likely to thrive?

According to the article, they might not be the basics (think basil, rosemary, and sage) that you’d probably pick up first at the farmers’ market or nursery. Rosemary is under “More Difficult,” and basil and sage are listed as “Hardest.” Things like chives and parsley, which don’t require much light, and Vietnamese coriander, which is almost identical to cilantro but much more reliable, are listed as “Easier.”

The best part of the article may be page two. There are tips about lighting, like which window orientation is ideal and how to fake natural sunlight, and exactly how and when to water. There are points about soil, as well as how much to trim off when you need some leaves for a recipe. All of the points are very straightforward and yet revelatory to a novice gardener.

Read the full article: How to Grow Herbs Indoors, by Roxanne Webber

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(Image: Chow)