Blogging Bon Appétit: All About French Fries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kathryn’s post yesterday about fried green tomatoes got our taste buds all riled up for some fried food. But french fries? That’s one dish we never attempt at home. Too much trouble to peel, cut, deep fry (often twice). But Bon Appétit is trying to help…

This french fry feature on the magazine’s website has a recipe for twice-cooked fries but also a list of tutorials about the ingredients, tips on frying, a roundup of tools you’ll need, and a video.

If you read everything and still think deep-frying potatoes at home sounds like too much trouble, there’s a recipe at the end for oven fries:

We’re still wary of making french fries at home. We once watched an episode of Food 911 (the Tyler Florence Food Network show), where he re-created twice-cooked French bistro fries with a woman, and the process looked interminable. Then, when her friends came over to eat, it looked like each one got about 6.2 fries before they were gone.

How about you — do you make french fries at home?

(Image: Antonis Achilleos for Bon Appétit)