Bloggies: And the Winner is… Vegan Lunchbox

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been meaning to tell you about the winner of the Bloggies (it wasn’t us) for a while now.

Vegan Lunchbox was started last September by Jennifer McMann, a vegan stay-at-home mom of a child named Schmoo (seriously) in Kenniwick, Washington. It is a day-by-day chronicle of the vegan lunches that she makes for her Schmoo, often with Schmoo’s feedback. Although there are not many recipes of her own, she does link to recipes and vegan products for those interested in delectables like “veggie ham roll-ups filled with homemade tofu-cashew creme cheeze”.

So congratulations, Jennifer! Perhaps some of our vegan readers are also readers of yours, and if not, we’re sending them your way right now. But don’t worry… since we’re fresh off our culinary whirlwind tour of Paris, there is certainly no danger of us pressing into your territory. Although, that’s not to say we won’t try to win next year.